Luis Miguel Valdés, “Dream of Spring”, 2016
Acrylic on Canvas, 122×183 cm. (48×72 in.), Cat: VAL390


Luis Miguel Valdés, “Venus Also Went”, 2016
Acrylic on Canvas, 122×183 cm. (48×72 in.), Cat: VAL391


Luis Miguel Valdés, “Late in Havana”, 2014
Acrylic on canvas, 140×230 cm. (55×90 in.), Cat: VAL382


Luis Miguel Valdés, “Sun of Rubies”, 2012
Oil on canvas, 140×186 cm. (55×73 in.), Cat: VAL392


Luis Miguel Valdés. “Third Landscape – Adami”, 2010
Acry­lic on canvas, 135×300 cm. (53¼x118 in.), Cat: VAL175


Luis Miguel Valdés, “Second Landscape – Bacon”, 2010
Acrylic on canvas, 135×300 cm. (53¼x118 in.), VAL174


Luis Miguel Valdés, “First Landscape – Lichtenstein”, 2009
Acrylic on canvas, 190×305 cm. (74¾x120 in.), Cat: VAL173


Luis Miguel Valdés, “Everyday I Run Around Your Skin”, 2012
Acrylic on canvas, 189×128 cm. (78×50½ in.), Cat: VAL250


Luis Miguel Valdés, “Andar la Habanera”, 2015
Acrylic and Charcoal on Canvas, 122×183 cm. (48×72 in.), Cat: VAL388


Luis Miguel Valdés, “Malicón En El Malecón”, 2001
Acrílico sobre Tela, 122×183 cm. (48×72 in.)


Luis Miguel Valdés, “Malecón Solo”, 2015
Acrílico sobre Tela, 140×285 cm. (55×112 in.), Cat: VAL383


Luis Miguel Valdés, “Danzantes I”,
Acrílico sobre Tela, 106×180 cm. (42×71 in.), Cat: VAL315


Luis Miguel Valdés, “Danzantes II”,
Acrílico sobre Tela, 106×180 cm. (42×71 in.), Cat: VAL316


Luis Miguel Valdés, “Fragmento de Ciudad”, 2012
Acrílico y Collage sobre Tela, 128×189 cm. (50½x74½ in.), Cat: VAL248


Luis Miguel Valdés, “Líneas Paralelas (La Increíble y Triste Historia Del Cándido Pintor Y El Comprador Desalmado)”, 2009
Acrílico sobre Tela, 200×315 cm. (78¾x124 in.), Cat: VAL244


Luis Miguel Valdés, “La Habana Está de Moda I”, 2015
Acrílico sobre Tela, 122×183 cm. (48×72 in.), Cat: VAL386


Luis Miguel Valdés, “La Habana Está de Moda II”, 2015
Acrílico sobre Tela, 183×122 cm. (72×48 in.), Cat: VAL387


Luis Miguel Valdés, “La Bienal de La Habana: De Noche Y De Día”, 2015
Oleo sobre Tela, 137×168 cm. (54×66 in.), Cat: VAL385


Luis Miguel Valdés, “Malecon 15”, 2015
Acrílico sobre Tela, 203×305 cm. (80×120 in.), Cat: VAL386


Luis Miguel Valdés, “Little Skulls”, 2013
Acrylic on Canvas, 138×210 cm. (54×83 in.), Cat: VAL314


Luis Miguel Valdes

Born in Cuba in 1949, resides and works between Havana, Mexico and Miami. He studied painting, drawing, engraving and sculpture at the National Art School in Havana until 1969, specializing in painting and printmaking. In 1976, together with a group of established artists, he founded the “Instituto Superior de Arte” of Havana, where he became the Director of the Printmaking Department and teacher of several generations of artists. In 1983, he was offered an internship at the prestigious “Atelier 17” in Paris, France – where Pablo Picasso and Francisco Toledo also worked- under the direction of Stanley William Hayter.

Since 1968, Valdes has been featured in numerous solo and group exhibits in various galleries, museums and institutions in United States, Cuba, Mexico, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Algeria, Bulgaria, Romania, Spain, Syria, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Colombia, Poland, Finland, Yugoslavia, Iraq and Canada. Throughout his career, he has also been the recipient of several awards including: the Adam Montparnasse group prize at the May Salon of Paris in 1968, the special prize at the UNESCO International Exhibit on the Art of Bookmaking in 1982 (Leipzig, Germany), the UNEAC Prize at the National Salon of Painting and Drawing in 1984 (Cuba); Honorable Mention at the UNEAC Salon for Installation and Digital Art (Cuba); first prize at the Fifth Meeting of Scientific Research on Art at the Superior Institute of Art (Cuba). He has also been awarded first prize in many printmaking competitions in his own country and abroad. From 1983 to 1986, Luis Miguel was Vice-president of UNESCO’s International Latin America Association of Plastic Art (AIAP). Later in 2003 he won the National Culture Medal in Cuba.

In 2000, he founded “La Siempre Habana”, a printmaking workshop in Mexico City where more than 80 recognized artists have worked and produced printing works of exceptionally high quality, creating the most important collection of Cuban printing out of the island. Since 1987, Luis Miguel Valdes has played a very important role in developing new techniques for the visual arts, especially in printmaking. He is an artist and master in printing, whose work has brought prestige to the art of printmaking around the world. As a result of his devotion to the arts and his many years of study and work, he has achieved international fame as important master printer in the Americas.