With half century accumulated in the realization of a work, the moments in which a new creation is faced are marked by everything the previous one. It’s in this way that I currently work in any of the media that I choose.

At the moment I am not interested in defining a theme but in the action of creation and letting all the previous experiences emerge with any of the techniques and procedures that I have worked with, from the most traditional to the latest technologies. When facing a material, I do it with the same intention and ease that the mastery I have of all the procedures allows me.

In the beginning when I began to define the forms of my work, colonial architecture appeared and all the previous work with the human figure had already been included since student times. Thus, this symbiosis has allowed me to play fundamentally with these two elements, constructing and deconstructing the forms of both. Thus, series appear in which the figure dominates and vice versa.

In my work I have to highlight the influence of three great artists (Valerio Adami, Francis Bacon and Jackson Pollock) who with their different ways I have them present in much of what I do. And always Picasso. However, I do not take them as a reference at any time and I let memory do the decantation process by itself that gives time for studies and work.

I consider it essential to have dedicated more than 20 years to teaching and to confront on a daily basis the most varied ways of working and thinking of my students and the exchange that it provokes. This open system has resulted in the diversity of forms and treatments prevailing in the most recent work without worrying about the thematic unit or formal treatment, but rather letting the act of creation be the content and the main reason for the result. Normally I undertake the realization of series of works that in the end are truncated because it exhausts me to give continuity to something that I already know how it will turn out and at the same time I work on several works at the same time that are obviously different, but that in some of the details you can see a continuity of the general idea.